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How to differentiate between vehicle paint correction, shine, and polishing

The appearance of your vehicle's paint is one of the first things people notice about your car. Unfortunately, many factors can affect its appearance, including the environment, lack of maintenance, and accidents. To help your car look like new, there are various methods for paint care, each with different objectives and results.

The most common terms that are often confused are gloss, polishing, and paint correction. Below, we will explain each of these terms in more detail.
The gloss of the paint is achieved by deep cleaning the paint (decontamination) and using a glaze or sealant, or a combination of both. If your paint is in good condition, you can opt for a wax or liquid wax to improve gloss. The gloss achieved with these products should last for several weeks or even months.

Polishing, on the other hand, focuses on marks on the paint such as "swirls" or light marks. This process combines a polisher with liquids and polishing particles, allowing you to cut the clear and remove the marks. This process will allow you to obtain a more durable gloss, as it removes some of the marks in the paint.

Finally, paint correction is the term of the moment. This process includes several steps, the main one being the polishing of the paint. It can also include sanding the paint to remove deep marks or scratches, removing orange peel in the paint, as well as multiple polishing steps.

The difference between paint correction and polishing is the percentage of defects that are removed. While a simple polishing can remove some light marks, paint correction removes defects up to 100%. It can include aggressive cutting and polishing steps to maximize the gloss and depth of the paint. In conclusion, each of these paint care methods has its own purpose and is used depending on the specific needs of your car. Whether you need paint gloss, deep cleaning, or paint correction, there are various products and combinations that can meet your needs.