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Learn all about ceramic coatings: what they are and how they work

What is a ceramic coating and how does it work? Basically, it is a semipermanent protective layer that adheres to the paint, glass, chrome, wheels and even plastic moldings of your vehicle. Ceramic coatings mainly contain silica dioxide and titanium dioxide. But what really matters is what they do.

By applying a coating to the surface, a brilliant shine is created that lasts for years, not months. The ceramic layer fills the tiny pores in the paint and levels out any microscopic irregularities in the paint, producing a shine and smoothness that cannot be achieved with wax or sealant technology.

Once applied, the ceramic coating makes the paint look deeper and richer, producing a better shine. In addition, the paint becomes hydrophobic, which means it is afraid of water. The result is a layer of protection that creates incredible water bead behavior, helping to keep the paint clean for longer and making it easy to clean.

Many ceramic coatings offer warranties, which protect your car's paint from environmental problems such as paint stains from things like bird droppings, tar, oxidation, and more.

Although the coating improves hardness and therefore helps prevent scratches and minor damage, most do not offer scratch warranties. It is important to clarify that there are some DIY ceramic coatings on the market. However, these products vary significantly in quality and are quite difficult to prepare and apply correctly. If you decide to apply a ceramic coating to your car, it is best to seek professional help.